National and international companies

National and international groups have specific needs that we know perfectly well. We advise these groups every day with their national and international strategy. The very matter of their structure and legal matters are often complex and require both rigour and innovation. This is a double challenge that we confront every day, alongside our clients.


Having grown together with our clients, we learned our profession at the same time as the directors that we advise and share the same fundamental business values: pragmatism and a result-driven culture. 

start up or small to medium sized companies

We support entrepreneurs and small to medium sized companies in their creation, their development strategy and accompany them through the good and bad times which are an integral part of our corporate culture. 


financial institutions

Financial institutions are key players in the economy. In particular, they have a key role in business financing. As lawyers, we equally consider ourselves as players in the economy. That is why, since the creation of Marvell, we support these institutions in their day-to-day operations.

family office