Marvell is an intrinsically international law firm

For many years we have fostered the policy of establishing “Marvell Desks” in emerging markets.
Brazil and Israel are the first desks that we are proud to have opened in the past few years and we are also currently developing a desk in China. These “Marvell Desks” are the fruit of a long process of extensive international collaboration and negotiation.
Our local partners work closely and united with us, using standardised and common methods, for the ease of our clientele who can therefore find an approach relative to their case that is familiar to them at each of our desks.
Marvell’s long-established and solid LNA partnership means that we have access to law firms ready to deploy in all the largest cities in the world.


Marvell is a young law firm with nearly 25 years’ experience. The firm brings together around 50 professionals with more than 30 lawyers.

The partners at Marvell have united for one ambitious project: a law firm driven by a strong team spirit, an unwavering commitment to their customers, and, above all else, an operational approach to business law. They aspire to break the rigid rules of customer relations without abandoning the fundamentals of their profession. 

Marvell supports their clients (companies, investors, project managers, directors) in all matters relating to business life, and is organised around 5 departments: corporate, employment, commercial, taxation and restructuring and insolvency.

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Rio de Janeiro

Carlos Mafra de Laet Lawyers was founded in November 2005 in the city of Rio de Janeiro by the lawyer Carlos Mafra de Laet Maximian, who has more than 40 years’ experience in the profession.
In 2012, as part of a strategic partnership with Marvell, they respectively established desks in Paris and Rio de Janeiro.

Carlos Mafra de Laet Lawyers has branches in Sao Paulo, Porto Alegre, and Curitiba. The firm has 95 lawyers, 52 clerks, 3 trainees and 107 administrative staff.

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Tel Aviv

Situated in the business quarter of Tel Aviv, the Marvell Tel Aviv desk is made up of French and English speaking Israeli lawyers who all have extensive experience in counselling and litigation, particularly in corporate, tax, real estate, contract and employment law.

The firm primarily advises active or retired business directors in the management of their legal administration, their national and international business structuring and their family office or private assets in Israel and abroad.

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