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Marvell partners and associates are among the best. The firm is well-known for its expertise.

After years of training operational staff from all sectors for many years, we have decided to offer training sessions adapted to our participants, which reflect a global and innovative approach in the business law area.

Thanks to the complementary specialties of the team members, Marvell Academies’ training courses perfectly reflect the values that drive the Marvell Law, since it is a about transmitting our legal knowledge to you in a modern, practical and accessible format.

Your guide is Marvell-IA, she is dynamic, smiling, intelligent and always tries to balance her legal knowledge for more performance in her daily life. Kind of like you!


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Set up an employee savings plan adapted to your company

This training will enable you to select, set up and manage the employee savings scheme that will be the best fit for you, taking into account the most recent news, risks, opportunities and costs of each scheme.

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Master the Mandatory Annual Negotiation (NAO)

Identifying the issues and successfully completing its mandatory annual negotiations, developing an effective policy of professional equality and quality of life at work within the company, these are the objectives of this operational training which alternates theory and practical exercises.

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The new procedure for the appraisal of AT/MP, control the reform applicable starting December 1, 2019

The legislation that is still in motion remains complex, particularly regarding the management of accidents at work and occupational diseases. Mastering the new AT/MP appraisal procedure is essential for companies that are increasingly required to secure their human and financial risks.

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Controlling absenteeism: managing extensions of work stoppages

Controlling absenteeism is currently an inherent part of the current problems of companies. The legal, financial and social issues related to the prolonged absence of your employees can be addressed daily through an efficient internal process.

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Avoid the inexcusable fault of the employer

An accident at work or an occupational disease can have serious consequences for companies if the employee brings an action in recognition of the employer's inexcusable misconduct.

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